My love of music production came early in my career, I have had my own personal studio since 2001. As the Producer, I take the lead on the creative direction of the song. By looking at the artists/music supervisors needs; knowing the intention of each song, is the foundation. When working with an artist, I find that putting new ears on a project brings a fresh approach to where a song can go, and inspire the them to craft their song around in production.



As a songwriter and composer, being able to sit behind a guitar or piano to create is what I live and breath for. Currently I am working on a number of musical projects through my production company Criya Creek Productions. I have been co-writing for TV/Film and networking with many talented artist, songwriters and music supervisor. 




I have been playing guitar for over 30 years. Born and raised in South Dakota, where the love of music sank in deep at a young age. Music was always playing in the background growing up. I found a love for old jazz and 40's era music. My grandparents were farmers, my grandfather was in a bluegrass band, playing the saw, spoons and mouth harp. I owe him a lot of gratitude for my roots to country music. At the age of 22, I moved to Cleveland to pursue my music, getting my grounding as the guitarist for the all female band Level-C, touring nationally and appearing on MTV.