When working with an artist, my position as the producer is to create the textures and emotive feel that is the direct representation of the message the artist is wanting to express. Taking the musical vision from an idea to a final, high quality production. Using my insight, intuition, and vision; I unravels the sonic emotions of the story; of the song. 


As a songwriter and composer, being able to sit behind a guitar or piano to create is what I live and breath for. Currently I am working on a number of musical projects through my production company Criya Creek Productions. I  co-writing and compose for TV/Film, while continue to work with many talented artist, Grammy nominated songwriters and music supervisor.


Born and raised in South Dakota, where the love of music sank in deep at a young age. Growing up, music was always playing in the background of my days.  My grandfather was in a bluegrass band; playing the saw, spoons and mouth harp. I owe him a lot of gratitude for anchoring my roots into music. I made the move to Cleveland to pursue my music, getting my grounding as the guitarist for the all female band Level-C.